The benefits for children

Vedic books are treasures of great wisdom and knowledge. By opening them, a person improves and grows. As he reads, he not only develops his imagination, creativity, sensitivity but also approaches his true spiritual nature.

Prahlada Maharaja, a great devotee of the Lord in Vedic times, advises families to allow their children to experience intimacy with God in early childhood, otherwise, there is a high probability of losing the opportunity provided by the human life form. Vedic scriptures also remind us that cultivating a child's spiritual insight is a family responsibility. According to the Vedas, both father and mother wanted their children to improve spiritually, so families started children for them to attain perfection [ S.B verse 1: 1,2].

Thus, by reading books based on Vedic philosophy, children will get acquainted with ancient stories whose heroes are extraordinary individuals. The great teachers of humanity, sages, ascetics, mystics.

Interesting and inspiring stories will introduce children to the Vedic worldview, which helps to understand the laws of karma, reincarnation, the principles of a successful life in the family, treatment of parents, teachers, friends, others.

By Reading Vedic stories children will naturally develop the following values:

The Craving for God.

Humility and self-control.

Justice and fairness.

Simplicity and modesty.

Charitability and compassion for the suffering.

Courage and heroism.

Confidence and fearlessness.

Tolerance and many other beautiful values.

Vedic books are noteworthy because they contain invaluable information and time-honored wisdom. Our practice has shown that children have had a virtually positive effect on listening to these stories: