The process

First of all, there have to be people who want to create, print, and distribute the books. If such people exist, it is very important to financially support their activities. Once the people and finances are there, work can begin. 

  1. The storyline of the book is created, Vedic knowledge is adapted for children; 
  2. The Lithuanian language editor checks the text – grammar, style, Corrects mistakes, according to the age group of children, the language editor selects words, sentence structure, makes suggestions to book publishers; 
  3. The editor of the Vedic philosophy checks that the text conforms to the Vedic wisdom corrects errors, submits his suggestions to the publishers; 
  4. The Sanskrit editor checks the Sanskrit words used in the text, helps to translate them into Lithuanian and spell it correctly, as well as presents his suggestions and observations; 
  5. The Lithuanian language editor double-checks the entire text; 
  6. The artist illustrates the indicated places in the text; 
  7. The drawings are scanned with professional equipment, cleaned, and the drawing is given the proper appearance required for the preparation of the print layout; 
  8. From the available text and prepared neat illustrations, the designer, according to the age group, creates the book design, makes suggestions to the publisher; 
  9. According to the created design, the layout designer prepares the layout of the booklet for printing; 
  10. The prepared layout of the booklet is checked by the Lithuanian language editor. Layout correction is performed;
  11. The booklet is registered with the ISBN and ISMN Lithuanian agency. The ISBN number and barcode are obtained. 
  12. The data on the booklet are transmitted to the National Bibliographic Data Bank. 
  13. The final print layout of the booklet is sent to the printer. 
  14. The print layout of the booklet is checked again at the printing house. If everything is ready, the layout of the booklet is given to the production of booklets. 
  15. Booklets are produced. 
  16. Distributed; 
  17. Purchased for children.