About us

The word "Veda" means "complete knowledge." The Vedas are the oldest known written sources on Earth, written 5,000 years ago by the sage Srila Vyasadeva. Texts written in Sanskrit reveal not only the history, knowledge, religion, philosophy, and culture of ancient India, but also the stages of the creation and destruction of the Universe, Its structure, duties to humanity, the psychology of interpersonal relationships, and many other meaningful divisions useful to living beings. The Vedic texts also describe in detail the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself, with His characteristic attributes, abode, and qualities. It is said that these scriptures are not man-made but revealed by God Himself.

We, the followers of the Vedas, regard the Vedic scriptures as the perfect word of God.

We think that it would be very interesting and meaningful for non-Vedic followers, especially for children, to learn about the Vedas and the wisdom written in them.

Thus was born the idea of ​​the “Vedos vaikams” project. Therefore, our goal is to introduce children and their parents to Vedic wisdom, Vedic heroes, mystics, sages, the Vedic approach to the creation and destruction of the Universe, the soul, God, and many more interesting things that others don’t discuss or choose to keep silent about.

To achieve the goal of our project, we use commentaries on the Sanskrit texts from our spiritual teachers and other Gaudiya Vaisnavas.

Our main tasks:

The team of “Vedos vaikams”

Andželika Milyte (Anuradha Dasi)

Project author and manager, author of the books

Donatas Janickis (Gaura Krishna Dasa)

Head of the Public Institution "Vedų išmintis", the main sponsor of the "Vedos vaikams" project

Saulius Domarkas (Šatakula Dasa)

Advises on Vedic philosophy

Darius Sruoginis (Durmada Dasa)

Correction of Sanskrit terms and advises on Vedic philosophy

Lina Kaminskiene

Grammar correction, proofreading

Danutė Rimkuviene (Divya Šakti Devi Dasi )


Vitaliy Zapolskiy (Vasudeva Krišna Dasa)


Marina Galadauskiene (Mathura Lilaprija Devi Dasi)


Giedre Rushine


Samir Dasa (India)


Raimondas Statkus

Contracts, legal advice

Rasa Mockiene (Rasamayi Dasi)

Financial settlements

Ligita Pleshanova

Book design, layout

Aistė-Vrinda Dagytė



Saulius Dagys (Sanaka Kumara Dasa)

Helps to edit texts



Inga Ishvari Dasi


Kashyapi Karan (India)